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The Castle of Montebudello was founded in 1227 by the Bolognese people, in order to defend the frontier with Modena, in a period of war. Ruined during the XVI Century, it was later transformed into a villa. The remains from the Medieval period include the XIV Century Oratorio di SantʼUbaldo, the foundations of the Castle, the cellar, and the western side of the wall. The recent restoration has preserved the magical atmosphere of the place, while transforming it into a comfortable and secluded retreat surrounded by nature.
Il Castellazzo is situated at walking distance from the Monteveglio medieval village and the Abbey Natural Park, into oak woods, valleys, gullies, vineyards and fields. In the area you can sight roe deers, wild boars, pheasants, hares, foxes, badgers and many species of birds. Recently the wolf has reappeared.




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